4 Reasons To Consider Virtual Offices In South Africa

By Oct 2, 2017News
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  1. Improving Worker Productivity

Many virtual offices are based on the worker performance, instead of the number of hours spent at the desk. This helps encourage your employees to become more efficient and to get more work done. With a physical office, a lot of time is spent assisting employees with tasks, but when they are responsible for their own productivity they end up creating their own schedules which help with productivity.

  1. Office Overheads Are Less

When using a virtual office space you will be avoiding paying rent each month, utility costs or the rest of the costs that come with having a physical office. The best part is that you can use these savings for your clients, or your employees in order to attract a higher calibre of talent.

If you are able to reduce your overall overhead, you can then afford to spend a bit more on innovating your business.

  1. Office Setup Costs Reduced

There are so many costs that come with running a physical office space. The setup and maintenance of your offices can be a great expense. For example, you will need to buy office supplies, desks, kitchen appliances, get insurance and then furnish the rest of the office. This is an upfront investment you will have to make on top of the monthly equipment replacements and maintenance.

When making use of virtual offices, your employees can work from home or make use of Venture Workspace’s fully furnished shared office spaces.

  1. Better office flexibility

Your employees will have much more flexibility with virtual offices. This will enable everyone to decide when they want to be most productive. Many companies who make use of remote offices have certain hours for employees to be available, however, this does not mean that they have to be at their desks the whole time. This is a great way to improve the work-life balance for the employees.

Some virtual offices such as Venture Workspace offer office settings that will assist your employees in getting work done. Commonly there will be office supplies, meeting rooms, desks, kitchens and lounges.

If you would like to look into virtual offices and shared office space in Cape Town, Give us a call on 021 035 1400 or visit the Venture Workspace website www.ctworkspace.com.

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