How Serviced Offices Can Save Your Small Business Money

By Oct 2, 2017Articles
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In our current economic climate, keeping a business running successfully can be a daunting prospect, even the most experiences companies are struggling to adjust to the recession and your chances of becoming more cost-effective are a problematic area. Your office space plays a huge role in determining this, as at any moment a certain idea can turn you into a success and prolong your company’s lifespan.


In the recent years, more and more businesses are have chosen to cut their costs by making use of serviced offices, making this sector one of the fastest growing in the European and global property market today.


Having your own offices can be an extremely difficult process, with all of the furnishing, setting up of accounts and organising contracts, often making it a much more expensive task. Why not rather have all of this done for you? and all you have to worry about is moving in. This is why having a serviced office space ready for you can greatly benefit your company as you are the one in control and are able to cut down on important costs.

In addition to the above mentioned, you will often find that you may get a discount from having a serviced office space as you are essentially buying in bulk when it comes to meeting rooms, services, function rooms and more, as a result of this you will be paying much less and will find it more cost effective across the board to manage.


Benefits of serviced offices to my company:

  • Accessibility – Most serviced offices will include facilities such as air conditioning, conference rooms, secretarial assistants and high speed broadband.
  • Cost effective – Serviced offices are very often a more cost effective option when running a business as you are effectively paying to rent a office space with all of the benefits in one, instead of paying for everything separately.
  • Flexibility – A lot of new, but not necessarily small businesses can’t always predict their headcount figures over a 2-3 year span. A serviced office is able to provide you with space and you have the luxury of not being tied down to the space if you choose to expand.
  • Financial control – With serviced offices you have more control over your finance as you are reducing expensive running costs. This way you can forecast how much you are spending, giving you much more financial control.
  • Shared facilities – Instead of paying for your own facilities, you are often given the option to share facilities at a much lower cost.
  • Networking – It can be very beneficial having the ability to network with other employees and businesses who might be sharing your office space, you can generate new clients and leads all in the comfort of your office building.
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