Serviced Workspace Wins

By Jan 5, 2017News
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Anyone who has sat glumly in their car, cursing the morning’s back up, or been jostled and pushed on their choice of public transport will know. They will know that sometimes the daily fight to get to work is more exhausting than doing the work itself. They will know the pure frustration at losing yet another hour that could have been so much better spent. They will know the sinking feeling when you miss yet another family dinner, gym class or favourite TV episode.

But what they might not know, is that it’s not mandatory. It’s not just a part of life. There is an alternative. While no one likes bringing work home, and no one wants to spend all morning in traffic, there is a happy medium. No, I don’t mean your local Costa. While the caffeine might be crucial, the whining kids (and parents) are not!

Serviced office spaces give the freedom to rent an office or a desk, or a just a meeting room, with all the familiar amenities of an office and nearby to your home. So you can forget the daily dread of a commute, but still have a place that you can shut the door on come 6pm (or 9pm, or whenever that last email gets sent).

And if commitment isn’t your thing, an added bonus is the flexibility and choice. Want to start small – rent a desk. If things go well, why not try an office? Need to downsize, no worries. And with the mix of people and businesses mean your daily coffee break might just lead to your next career break.

So what are you waiting for? Take back those crucial minutes, and let work time just be for working.

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