Is Shared Office Space For You?

By Oct 2, 2017Articles
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You will be spending many hours in your office when starting up a small business. Your office should serve as a place of client communications, business operations and a reminder of your purpose. It is also a business decision when you’re choosing your office:  you should look at all the options available and then determine your best course of action. One of the most popular and cost effective alternatives to traditional office leasing is shared office spaces.

There are many entrepreneurs or home office company owners who have come to realise that an office space can be a huge overhead expense. Does your client base, industry or work sanity require a professional looking office? Do you have the budget for the high costs of office rental? A shared office space can help with your rental anxiety.

What is shared office space?

It is also known as serviced office space, executive suites or business centres and is a turn-key office solution providing you with an office space that is shared by other professionals or companies. Often these offices will come fully equipped and furnished, a solution that is ready-made for saving limited time and money for start-ups or establishing a branch office. Apart from the costs being lower, a shared office can help home-bound entrepreneurs feel less lonely and provide a much more upscale image for your business.

Shared offices are able to provide a synergistic marketing solution. By sharing your office space with related professionals, you will be able to enjoy the synergy of building your referral client base with other similar non-competing companies. For example, a group of health professionals like massage therapists, podiatrists and chiropractors could all benefit from sharing an office space. Even if you don’t have a complimentary business sharing your office space, it’s good to have other people around to speak to and possibly learn from.

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